We are so excited to have you join us in our “Ready. Set. Meal Prep!” 5-Day Challenge!

Below is where your quick recap of all five days, all in one spot for you!

Make sure to complete your homework each day and post it inside the group!

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Challenge Recap

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Bonus Video 3

Charcuterie Boxes

Bonus #3 Q&A

Bonus Video 2

Freezer Sandwiches

Bonus Video 1

Sophie's Favorite Rotisserie Chicken

Day 5

Sheet Pan Meal

Day 5 Part 2


1. Download this SHEET PAN quick start guide.

2. Tune in to today’s LIVE VIDEO and bring a notebook to write down my tips!

3. Now check into the group in the comments of the DAY 5 ACCOUNTABILITY POST telling me what you loved most about this challenge!

Day 5 Q&A

Day 4

Produce & Snacks


1. Download this SNACK quick start guide.

2. List 2 healthy grab-n-go snacks that you can prep RIGHT NOW!

3. Take a picture of your refrigerator before you clean it out…this is just for YOU. No need to share this in the group. This will be a reminder of where you started and you’ll see the progress that happens when you apply all that you’re learning this week!

Now check into the group in the comments of the DAY 4 ACCOUNTABILITY POST with your 2 snack ideas!

Day 4 Q&A

Day 3

A Plan That Works For You


1. Download this MENU PLANNER to use as a template.

2. Bookmark one local grocery store’s website.

3. Make a list of QUICK resources you can use to get inspiration and recipes.

Now check into the group in the comments of the DAY 3 ACCOUNTABILITY POST by telling me one NEW thing you’ve learned so far this week and anything else you’d like to tell me about your experience in this group so far!

Day 3 Q&A

Day 2

Essential Tools

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It’s time to take an inventory of what tools you have and make a list of what you need!

Here’s a handy ESSENTIAL TOOL CHECKLIST for you to use as a guide!

Now take a picture of your Checklist and post it in the comments of the Day 2 Accountability Group Post!

Day 2 Q&A

Day 1

Meal Prep Foundations

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Day 1 Homework

Grab a sheet of paper and answer the following questions as truthfully as possible. Then post in the group under the Day 1 Task Post (button below).

There’s no judgement in my group so be as honest as you can!

  • =Do you meal plan already? If you do, how long does it take you to create your plan?
  • =How often do you eat out or get take out?
  • =How many times per week do you go to the store?
  • =How long does it take you to make dinner?
  • =Do you have to make multiple dinners to meet the needs of picky eaters?
  • =Do you eat lunch?
  • =Do you eat breakfast?
  • =Where do you find healthy recipes?
  • =On average, how much do you spend each week on groceries (including dining our or takeout)?

Day 1 Q&A

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